Company inspired in the creation, composition and fusion of different techniques and styles of artistic movement such as contemporary dance, ballet and urban dance; where improvisation and acting also play into the dancer’s role to achieve a greater capacity for interpretation complemented by music and scenography.

“The best art is that which you create yourself”   Daniela Zambrano.


Choreographic Director (PLONOVA DANCE) and Dancer specialising in contemporary dance, graduate of the Superior Academy of Arts, University Distrital (Bogotá, Colombia).

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Daniela began her career as a professional dancer in the National Ballet of Colombia, with whom she formed her art for three years. As an interpreter, she stands out through her versatility – commanding knowledge of dance forms including afro, urban dance, ballet, contemporary and Latin rhythms.

During her experience as a dancer, she has participated in international festivals of contemporary dance and urban dance in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Australia.

Owing to her specialty in contemporary and urban dance, Daniela continues developing a deep physical and theoretical investigation of these techniques, discovering new discussions and tendencies of contemporary dance. She continues to grow her knowledge by taking workshops with renowned choreographers such as Hofesh Shechter (London 2017), DCC (Cuba 2017), Broadway Dance Centre (New York 2017), Chunky Move (Melbourne 2016), William Forsythe (through company dancer Riley Watts, Sydney 2015), Vladimir Rodríguez (Bogotá 2014), Cunningham Technique with Cedric Andriux (dancer of Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown, México City 2013), Iñaki Azpillaga (of Vandekeybus Company Belgium, Bogotá 2013), Moving Air with Cristina Baquerizo (Quito 2011), Academy of Villains (Costa Rica, 2011) among other exponents of contemporary and urban dance.

As a Choreographic Director, Daniela has created and presented her works each with different dramatic formats where theatre also plays a fundamental role in the scene along-side dance, including: Balthazar (River Side Theatre, Sydney 2014), PRC730 (Colombia 2014), Off (Colombia 2013), Sección Nº2 (Colombia 2012-2013), La Paratomia (Colombia 2012) and Ley Numa (Colombia 2011).

Daniela continues studying and promoting dance through participation in different artistic spaces. She is a passionate dancer and director that enriches her life by sharing her art.


Sydney, AU
(+61) 468 576 095